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Do I have to design online ?

No. We will create it for you.
Get a form fill it out to email or call for more info. 602-867-0800

Do you make Car Magnets?

Yes, we offer Car Magnets.  Since the sizes needed vary from the different sizes of automobiles we suggest you send an email with the sizes needed for a price quote.

Design is offered free with the purchase of the Car Magnets.


Do you work with other companies besides Real Estate?

Yes, we can print for anyone.  If you have a file ready for print you can upload the file on the website.  If you need a graphics file created we also offer Graphic Design.

Email us for a quote or call 602.867.0800.

How do I add a back to my card ?

Add a back in the order.  If you need a custom back it is best to order the card via email at


How do I design a Real Estate Sign online?

Check under the Signs menu item. Choose and design your sign.

Make sure you Add to Cart or the design is not saved.

If you do not see a sign order for that fits your needs you can just email us and we will create a sign proof from the information provided.

If my company pays for my cards, how do I order now?

We will verify that for you. Email in a form and we will create the proof and verify funds are available.

We will not proceed until payment is confirmed.

What are Grommets on Aluminum signs ?

They reinforce the holes for use in windy areas.

HOLE   hole



What is your contact information?

4644 E Sandra Terrace

Phoenix, AZ 85032



Will my online design match exactly whats printed ?

No, the generated artwork is for reference only.  Once the order is placed, higher quality is reproduced for print and a copy is sent in an email for your approval.